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    Name :: Kiryuu Touga

    Age :: 16

    Tarot :: The Emperor

    Other :: Student Council President

    Quote :: "Oh You've lit the fire in my heart."

As Student Council President and the school's most notorious playboy, Touga has become one of the most bitchin' guys in Ohtori Academy. Not only does he go through women like tissues, but he does it with style and gets alot of respect doing it. Sure he's got style, he's got class, but one thing he dosen't Utena.
From the moment he first sets eyes on the lovely Utena, he knows that he must have her. Manipulate her. Love her 'till she can't be loved no more. His goal is set, and throughout the series he shows a profound interest in her, so much that it transforms him from a self-styled playboy to a lonely recluse hungry for the one thing he can't posess. His obsession turns from lust to pure, unbound, truest love.
It is later, when Utena is being slowly seduced by the manipulative Akio, that Touga professes his love for Utena, but she still refuses him. Still, he feels the basic need to protect Utena, even if with his life. He attempts to stop her from confronting her final duel and bringing about the so-called revolution. She refuses him again, for the last time.

Revolution of the Soul.