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    Name :: Saionji Kyouichi

    Age :: 16

    Tarot :: Judgement

    Other :: Student Council Vice-President

    Quote :: "Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!"

Saionji Kyouichi, Student Council Vice President. He is both feared and respected by the students at Ohtori Academy. He weilds his power with arrogance and an authoritative stance. He is a talented martial artist, spending much of his time in the school's kendo club area.
It's obvious the boy has alot of insecurities when it comes to losing in any possible way. He can't lose... oh no. No no no. That's when he gets... maniacal. And not only is he a total maniac, but he bitch-slaps fairly well!
So, Saionji is in love with Anshii, but he dosen't seem to know what to do with her. He disrespects her constantly: slapping here and there, being overprotective and abusive, not to mention that whole kidnapping thing! How is the poor boy ever gonna get any like that?
So, finally he becomes a lonely recluse because he can't trust anybody anymore and bla dee bla dee bla... Guess he's never gonna get any, huh?

Revolution of the Soul.