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Man, I've been dyin' to design some shirts lately... So I decided, "What the hell... Let's make some shirts, eh?" I've got the design ideas down on paper, just not ready for publication on the 'net just yet. I'll have 'em up here with the next update. NEwayz, this here is just a lil' experiment to see how much you guys like the idea of gettin' some gah-rooovy anime shirts. Just fill out the form and click submit! (some of u pplz might be usin' a web-based e-mail account; if that's your situation and you still wanna participate, just copy down the questions and send 'em via e-mail from yer web-based account, k?)

WARNING! This is only a survey so that I can tabulate the demand for shirts. If the demand is big enough, you guys will be able to order 'em online, otay?


Do you live within the United States? Yes No

What is your approximate shirt size? If other, please specify:

Gender: female male

Any questions/comments/shirt design ideas/anything? Put it down!

Please only press the submit button once.